April 8, 2013

MILFs, DILFs and SILFs [Episode 013]

Welcome back, podcast lovers! Join Ahri, Brandon and Ryan for the SEASON 2 premier of @FortySixthSt as they discuss the harsh realities of the street, including:

Sexless in New York, Knowing Gangsta Sh*t, Taking It Down a Notch, Dreaming, The Last Time You Were Scared, Ahri’s Food Pyrmaid, The Rake, Porn Plots, Felding/Findling/Belding, Stage Names, The Light Skinned Lance, Eating Nachos Forever, Multitasking in the Shower, Denzel, Randy Newman, TheMan689 –> ROMEO6920 –> KosherHam14, Black/White Planet and “The Bagel Shop.”

“Oh my GOD, I wish this was your father.”

VirtuosityAOLRandy Newman Toy Story

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